from hope to flight


There are thousands of ways to fall in love.
At night I open my eyes in the welcoming darkness
And listen to the rain whispering to the leaves.
And I fall in love with being here.
In the morning I smile, grateful for hot showers,
Sweet tea, and cinnamon baked apples.

There are thousands of ways to be in love,
To listen to the song of another’s heart
To hold them with tender attention,
To forgive ourselves for all the moments we’ve missed
In our hurry to get somewhere
Not realizing there is nowhere to go, that love is already here.

On good mornings,
mornings when I am not distracted or forgetful,
I get up and ask:
How will I make love to life today?

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

fly. rest. love. fly. rest. love. come home.

inquiry for today~    what adventure awaits on the edge of this fine day?  how can you meet it with all the love you could hope for?


We see that under the mind that is freaking out, there another mind, a vastly more quiet and receptive and responsive mind. A mind that is like sunlight, open to everything. We feel that under the heart that is a clenched fist there is a heart that can go on quietly and steadily beating “like a clock in a thunderstorm.”

~Tracy Cochran

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