cradle the call


Allow, and grace

will carry you to higher ground.

The only safety

lies in letting it all in-

practice becomes

simply bearing the truth.

In the choice to let go

of your known way of being,

the whole world is revealed to your new eyes.

~Danna Faulds

so many of us belittle the work of our souls……they never let us go….never stop whispering…….there are no rules in how to listen…..

inquiry for today~  do you know when to pause and listen? can you find the sky at bedtime and whisper back?

never knew my truth until

The lostness was really vast inside me and it didn’t go away. I never heard anybody talk about anything that seemed like it was connected to me. By my second year in high school, I shut all this down and the feeling of looking and longing. I got very involved with school and friends and dating and parties. I just seemed to forget myself. But the feeling didn’t disappear entirely, it didn’t get lost. I remember reading Gerard Manley Hopkin’s poem called Carrion Comfort. I read the phrases: “O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall/frightful, sheer, no man fathomed.” And I though, “He knows.” It felt like a miracle.  ~ Sherry Ruth Anderson

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