am I crazy?


If enlightenment is the way things really are, it’s already here, in large ways and small. We can see it in our companions in this amazing shared project of awakening, as the particular enlightenment of each person becomes apparent: insightful, heartfelt, or brave; wise about people or about working with material objects; brilliant in language or paint or song; unaware of how much she already understands, growing in confidence, resting in not knowing; becoming a person he never could have imagined- even if, in that most poignantly human way, someone isn’t completely aware of their own enlightenment yet. And all of it in service to our common awakening- becoming more attentive to the complexities of human life, more encouraging of its kindnesses, each of us in our turn helping pass the bright flame from warm hand to warm hand.   ~Joan Sutherland

how many times have you asked yourself how you could be better, do more, be less fearful?

inquiry for today~   how can you let go of the question around being better, and yet live the answer?

seeing the path

Our ability to accept our humanness with all its struggles, insights, and confusions increases our capacity to behold both the beauty and suffering we encounter in the world. This gives rise to fearlessness, compassion, insight, and an appreciation both of ourselves and of others. Because we feel less intimidated by our mind and world, we can walk through life with grace and composure. Our relationship with the world around us is less reactive and more responsive. To be in sane relationship with our experience, our life, our world, we need to learn how to digest experience- to let life touch us, nourish us, and move through us rather than reacting to it with so much fixation ad preference. This means we need to find a way of being that is beyond grasping and rejection. Only then can we enjoy our humanness in all its fullness. And isn’t that the point of meditation?   ~Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

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