how to save us

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With empowerment comes responsibility. There are no villains, no heroes, no gods on Mt. Olympus. No monster under the bed. Those shadows of imagination are excuses, rationalizations, justifications, stall tactics, cop-outs. Without them we are accountable. That is why our fears manifest these figments in defense, and it why we cling to them. It is why we must let them go. I chose to let go of Blindness. I stepped out of fear’s tunnel into the wide unknown, shifting my focus from the foreground to the horizon. The terrain ahead was undefined and uncharted. Fear’s superficial struggle with Blindness was awful, but it was simple, too. Reality was far more complex. I had a lot to learn and a lot to figure out. Thinking about the years I’d wasted borrowing imaginary troubles and the agonies I had needlessly inflicted upon myself, I felt a deep sadness. I was impatient to master the tools and techniques I had learned about, and to discover others. I felt great joy. I felt immense gratitude. I was giddy and somber at the same time, both energized and exhausted, inspired and overwhelmed, confident and apprehensive. Lying in bed that night, I was at peace with my confusion. I did not have the answers yet, but for he first time I had zoomed out far enough to focus on the right questions. It was a good start. I was many things, felt many emotions, But I was not afraid. It was a good start indeed.  ~Isaac Lidsky

who are you without your deep and wondrous feelings? the ones without words?

inquiry for today~  healing is required of you, for you, and for your loved ones today… will you respond?

trust compassion

As a sensitive person, there is much to be grateful for: you are capable of experiencing exquisite passion and joy. You can perceive the big picture on a deeper level. You can perceive the big picture on a deeper level. You are attuned to the beauty, poetry, and energy of life. Your compassion gives you the capacity to help others. You are not callous or shut off or coldhearted. Your sensitivities allow you to be caring, vulnerable, and aware. You feel a kinship with animals, flowers, trees, and clouds. You may be drawn to the peace of the wilderness, the quiet of the desert, the red rock canyons, the forests, or the vastness of the ocean. You may dance under the full moon and feel her loveliness in your body. You know how to become one with the serenity of nature. Empaths have the power to positively change themselves, their families, and the rest of the world. Empaths represent a new model for leadership by being vulnerable and strong. We can have a huge effect on humanity by promoting mutual understanding- the path to peace in our personal lives and globally. But such revolutions will stick only when the inner emotional and spiritual work is done by the revolutionaries. Sensitivity is the path to nonviolence. We can be the healers and restorers and seers and lovers if we keep our sensitivities open and stay centered in our power. My advice to you is: do good and be good- the rest will follow. A commitment to this goal is critical because there is a quickening in the world, a speeding up of time, and we need to take a stand. The more empowered you become, the more you can embody the change that the world needs.  ~Judith Orloff


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