I am here


No one else can give us permission to be ourselves- to offer who we are in all our messiness and magnificence to the world. That permission- it’s an inside job. ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

have you ever really lost yourself in a daydream? and then came back wholly new?

inquiry for today~  these challenging times may be the best time to sit awhile and replenish your vision…..let it be today……

the call

And as Nisargadatta used to say, just simply abide in the sense of ‘I am’. And as I suggest to people, just abide in the sense, the felt sense of ‘I’. Just that. Keep it extraordinary simple. You can do it when you are meditating. You can do it when you are doing work around your house. Of course, if you have to use the mind, you will not be able to engage in this in the same time. But when you are driving your car, when you are walking around, when you are doing a hundred things during a day, you can actually feel into the sense of ‘I’. And as you do that, your experience of it will become less and less distinct. By that I mean, you will feel less and less the distinct, separate entity with given discernible boundaries.  ~Adyashanti

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