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Companionship, mutuality of goals, sexuality, and supportive endeavors are great possibilities in any relationship, but when we learn that engagement of the soul’s agenda is our real task, that this journey is our real home, then we’ll see that how we use relationship will either serve, or hinder, that prospect. Accepting the journey as our home will free the relationship to serve the agenda of life, the agenda of growth, and the agenda of the soul. When we have accepted this journey, truly accepted it, we will be flooded with a strong, supportive energy that carries us through all the dark places. For this energy we have an appropriate word. It is called love. It is love not only of the other, but love of this life, this journey, and love of this task of soul.   ~James Hollis

ever wonder why you can’t remember important memories? maybe we need a little more respect for the trajectory of our complex lives…..

inquiry for today~  it’s Monday, it’s another day, it’s wild and unpredictable…..what’s your journey look like? feel like?

how do you know?

He has a terrible fear of dying because he has not yet lived. What is essential in life is only to forgo complacency, to move into the house instead of admiring it and hanging garlands around it. But why do such nights leave one always with the refrain: I could live and I do not live?   ~Franz Kafka

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