realms of suchness

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The primary purpose of a dynamic mythology, which we may underscore as its properly religious function, is to awaken and maintain in the person an experience of awe, humility, and respect in recognition of that ultimate mystery that transcends every name and form, from which, as we read in the Upanishads, ‘words turn back.’ Faith, we might say, in old-fashioned scripture or faith in the latest science belong equally at this time to those alone who as yet have no idea how mysterious, really, is the mystery of themselves. This the basic insight of all metaphysical discourse, which is immediately known- as knowable to each alone- only when the names and forms, what I call the masks of God, have fallen away. Who, then, may speak to you, or to any of us, of the being or non-being of God, unless by implication to point beyond his words and himself and all he knows, or can tell, toward the transcendent, the experience of mystery.   ~Joseph Campbell

how we know ourselves as divine and human is about understanding our interdependence, our purities, our knowing….

inquiry for today~   lean into the subtle senses today…..practice feeling into new mysterious parts of yourself…..

elemental cosmos

When, thanks to the practice, darkness comes to an end, clarity arises and our store consciousness becomes pure. When delusion is transformed, understanding is there. Delusion, or ignorance, is the base for all our wrong perceptions, which create a lot of suffering. Through the practice of looking deeply into the nature of interbeing, delusion or ignorance can be transformed into prajna, wisdom or understanding.  ~Thich Nhat Hanh



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