how can we be?


When we are willing to not know who we are and to free ourselves from the cage of the conditioned mind, a different kind of knowing emerges, one that is more heartfelt and whole-bodied. While this more direct, moment-to-moment way of knowing does not confer omniscience, it does allow us to be more in touch with ourselves and to grow in self-trust, inner authority, and autonomy. Self-trust is difficult as long as we identify with the critical intellect. The conditioned mind is always strategizing, seeking to avoid pain and to increase pleasure. It is driven by fear and desire. By contrast, our inner knowing is interested in the truth- how things actually are. It has no agenda to survive, fit in, be admired, or to feel better. It is concerned with love, wisdom, integrity, and being in service to the whole of life.   ~John Prendergast

sit. wait. move. flow.

inquiry for today~  how can you disrupt your ordinary ways of thinking and knowing today?

when the mystery begins

The Buddha described human life as comprising a series of ever-changing processes: a physical process, a feeling process, a memory and recognition process, a thought and reaction process, and a consciousness process. These processes are dynamic and continuous, without a single element we can call our unchanging self. We ourselves are a process, woven together with life, without separateness. We arise like a wave out of the ocean of life, our tentative forms still one with the ocean.   ~Jack Kornfield

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