sweep the stoop


Mercy is synonymous with compassion, and grace, and generosity of spirit, which seem to be the solutions to almost all our problems. It’s very counterintuitive; giving more of ourselves, our time, our treasures, makes us so much richer. To share with and be of service to the world’s poor and marginalized is the greatest fulfillment we can know.   ~Anne Lamott

there is a kind of forgetting that comes with the loss of our ability to sense what is true for us……

inquiry for today~   it’s ok today. really. it’s ok.

how you find your joy

Transcending down into

the ground of things is akin

to sweeping the leaves that

cover a path. There will always

be more leaves. And the heart

of the journey, the heart of our

awakening, is to discover for

ourselves that the leaves are not

the ground, and that sweeping

them aside will reveal a path,

and finally, that to fully live,

we must take the path and

keep sweeping it.

~Mark Nepo

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