where my story becomes yours



Fritz Perls, one of the founders of the Gestalt school of therapy, has often been quoted as saying: “I do my thing, you do your thing; I’m not here in this world to live up to your expectations. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful; if not, it cannot be helped.” This statement is on the notion of self and other as separate entities. It is not based on the insight of interbeing. I am not very fond of this statement. At the very least I expect you to take care of yourself, because if you take good care of yourself, I will suffer less. I would like to offer this as a response to the statement f Mr. Perls:

You are me and I am you.

Is it not true that we inter-are?

You cultivate the flower in you so that I will be beautiful,

And I transform the garbage in me so that you don’t have to suffer.

This is the kind of insight that is based on interbeing. If we live our lives according to this insight,we will not have to suffer so much.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

how we ignite all our beginnings may be about delight and shining buds of spring…..or it may be about living through despair and waking in dreams…..

inquiry for today~   how do you arrive- to be passionate today?

when I awaken

What I Have Learned So Far

Meditation is old and honorable, so why should I
not sit, every morning of my life, on the hillside,
looking into the shining world? Because, properly
attended to, delight, as well as havoc, is suggestion.
Can one be passionate about the just, the
ideal, the sublime, and the holy, and yet commit
to no labor in its cause? I don’t think so.

All summations have a beginning, all effect has a
story, all kindness begins with the sown seed.
Thought buds toward radiance. The gospel of
light is the crossroads of — indolence, or action.

Be ignited, or be gone.

~Mary Oliver

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