the eternal well turned upside down


The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.   ~Rumi

what if it all turned inside out, upside down? what if your dream was real?

inquiry for today~  can you sense a body memory for every soul memory that brushes up against your awareness today?

upside down umbrellas

So what if…
The thing that truly unites us is not our humanity?
What if it is not the color of our blood or the fact we are all star stuff?
What if it is not our gender, our color or sexuality?
What if it is our brokenness?
What if it is our shared adversaries?
Our  common oppressors?
Our shared understanding?
Our mutual experiences?
What if it is our collective hopes, dreams and goals?
And what if we have to acknowledge our deep division before we can unify?
What if we need to open that festering wound in order to clean it?
What if it has to get messy first?
What if that means we have to listen to ‘negativity’?
To feel triggered, to be in discomfort and perhaps to hurt?
To have the courage to admit our mistakes, reach out and to heal together?
My darling sister, what if…

Yes! I’ve seen you, my sister. My ‘Love & Light’ sister.
I have seen your swelling and shielded heart.
It is beautiful, it is kind, but it is exhausted and afraid. Yet it is brimming with love.
Universal love. So I ask you this last thing…

What if you could ask yourself all these questions?
What if you could search deeply into your soul?
Could you truly state  — in all your authenticity, standing there in your truth, firm in your own power and with your hand upon your beautiful heart — that positivity, love and light are enough?
What if positivity, light and love just don’t cut it?

~Verity Louisa

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