We bring alive the spirit of Radical Acceptance when, instead of resisting emotional pain, we are able to say yes to our experience. The instant we agree t feel fear or vulnerability, greed or agitation, we are holding our life with an unconditionally friendly heart. Yes is an inner practice of acceptance in which we willingly allow our thoughts and feelings to naturally arise and pass away.  I sometimes lightly place my hand on my heart and send a message of acceptance and care to whatever is arising in me.   ~Tara Brach

not in the first moments of the day. not in the last moments of the day. it is only when we forget where we are- then the embodiment begins.

inquiry for today~   how will you be today?


belonging to life

Our bodies have this unfortunate tendency to carry with them a lifetime of criticism, analysis, scrupulous dissection, anger, betrayal, and more. It requires that we begin to remember ourselves, created out of such love. The root of the word re-member means to make whole again, to bring the parts back together. We have been waging a war on ourselves for too long, tearing ourselves apart. As Walt Whitman writes, this alienation from our embodied life is a great wound we are each carrying.

We carry a terrible wound: alienation from our embodied life.
Your flesh shall become a great poem.   ~Walt Whitman

What might it mean for you to allow your flesh to become a great poem?

~Christine Valters Paintner


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