question how to be true


The truth is, we don’t know how to be sensitive and authentic in public. We don’t know how to expand our tribe of intimates. We don’t know how to begin conversations about what’s true as a way to make friends. A great challenge of our age is to develop the skills to offer respectful invitations to deeper conversations and more authentic relationships. Just how do we inhabit the vast, sweet terrain between being completely hidden and completely known? How do we have conversations that matter? No one knows how to do this. But this is our work in finding each other. This is our work in knitting the fabric of life back together wherever it is torn.    ~Mark Nepo

you know what it means to be steady, to live strong, to protect your precious peace….

inquiry for today~  how will you question a tiny myth of your life today?- can you lean in and be true?

gripped by a boundlessness

Each of us has encountered moments of unhesitating friendliness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. At times we have been the recipients of these qualities- offered to us by loved ones and by strangers. Equally, we have all known moments when we have responded to others with unreserved kindness and compassion. At times we unexpectedly encounter moments of profound appreciation and joy. In some of the most challenging moments of our lives, we surprise ourselves with out capacity to be balanced and steady. these moments make a powerful imprint on our minds, revealing to us an inner potentiality and way of being in the world that is responsive and liberated. too often these moments feel accidental, windows that open to an ennobled way of living that too easily seem to close again. Rather than being discouraged by these many moments of forgetfulness- we come to recognize that this is the classroom in which the immeasurable capacities of our hearts are nurtured and cultivated. This is a present-moment recollection, a quality of mindfulness where we learn to cultivate kindness in the midst of harshness, compassion in the face of the seemingly impossible, joy in the midst of sorrow and darkness, and equanimity in the midst of the events of our lives that feel designed to unbalance us. Kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity can only be cultivated in the present, in our willingness to meet our life with a responsive and wise heart.   ~Christina Feldman

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