view from the circle


There’s enormous strength to be found in daring to be vulnerable. It’s not uncommon for the story of one woman to be the story of another too. We mirror each other and learn from each other. We help each other to rely on our own strength. Slowly but surely, you discover that sisterhood can also be safe, that there’s no gossip or mothering, but simply room for your story. It’s not about the effects on the outside world, but about interconnectedness at a deeper level. That is deeply feminine. The new skills are: autonomy, really listening to each other, and practicing what you preach.    ~Corrine Baard

come. sit. tell us your story. you are part of the circle now.

inquiry for today~   finding one’s tribe begins with shedding……..what are you letting go of to make room for your stories?

who you are

Today’s circles for women are different; they’re not born from necessity, not against men, but a chance to consciously get together and help each other out in a feminine way. According to Jean Shinoda Bolen, the Jungian psychiatrist and author of Goddesses in Everywoman, these new circles will change the world. She states that circles like these cure us of the burden of a patriarchal oppression that has lasted for centuries. They put us into our strength, empower us and connect us with each other, as well as with something greater that transcends us. Something feminine. Something round.   ~Lisette Thooft

2 thoughts on “view from the circle

  1. Not mothering, really listening, connecting at a deeper level, This is such an important reminder as I slowly pray my way to starting a women’s prayer, reflection, and sharing group along with lunch with those on the edge of homelessness. Our women’s group are mostly in our 70’s and 80’s, some widows, most coping with health issues and financial insecurity, and some with grown children fighting cancer, divorce, drug issues. We have been contributing some money and a lot of much needed toiletries for people living in our small rural town in cheap motels. We don’t have a lot of money or any quick solutions to their problems, but I think maybe being vulnerable and sharing both our fears and struggles, but also the faith that enables us to persevere with them as sisters might help them not feel alone and less like charity cases. And I am counting on God to know and help meet their needs, emotional, spiritual, and physical in whatever order works best. Thanks again for your timely help.

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