broad-spectrum living

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People often come to meditation with an aspiration to suffer less, or to wake up. You’re asking for a kind of grace, and it’s usually difficult to muscle your way into grace. Better to prepare for it by approaching your heart-mind with warmth and curiosity. If you do, the preparation might start to feel like the thing you’re preparing for, transforming it from future goal to something that blesses your life right now. Still, preparing for grace can be a demanding process. Meditation’s time-tested techniques will guide and support you through the inevitable deconstructions, dislocations, and reconfigurations. But they’re techniques, not themselves the goal. It won’t help to simply substitute the routines of self-discipline for the routines of self-absorption if you’re not addressing the fundamental question: Who is this self that keeps inventing routines? Whit a little luck, you’ll discover that you don’t have a self, and it’s vast.  ~Joan Sutherland

your discouragement is your wisest teacher……begin…..

inquiry for today~   how many excuses do you have for not living? unconditional regrouping is a pleasant springtime activity….

chasing the mind

Compassion turns out to be the common ground where the ethical teachings of all major traditions, religious and humanistic, come together.   ~Thupten Jinpa

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