theoretical & sensual understanding

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You find yourself in a city you hadn’t visited in years, walking along a street you had once strolled down with your fingers interlacing a long-ago lover’s, someone you then cherished as the most extraordinary person in the world, who is now married in Jersey with two chubby bulldogs. You find yourself shocked by how an experience of such vivid verisimilitude can be fossilized into a mere memory buried in the strata of what feels like a wholly different person, living a wholly different life- it was you who then lived it, and you who now remembers it, and yet the two yous have almost nothing in common. They inhabit different geographical and social loci, lead different lives, love different loves, dream different dreams. Hardly a habit unites them. Even most of the cells in the body striding down that street are different.

What, then, makes you you? And what is inside that cocoon of certitudes we call a self?   ~Maria Popova- Jorge Luis Borges

more compassion. more kindness. more tenderness.

inquiry for today~  if you do nothing else that feels productive today, try meditating on this mantra…..

when there’s more to life

Birth and death, being and non-being, coming and going, same and different- these cannot be applied to the ultimate truth of any phenomenon. In order to touch the true nature of all phenomena, we need to find a middle way between all these pairs of opposites. When we encounter polarities, or pairs of opposites, we have the tendency to believe that one must be right and the other wrong. Either we believe that we have an eternal soul which will love on forever, or we believe that we are just a meaningless collection of atoms and that we die, we will be extinguished for ever and nothing will be left. If we are wise, the Heart Sutra can help us to find the middle way between being and non-being is a state of coolness, peace, and non-fear that can be experienced in this very life. It is nirvana.   ~Thich Nhat Hanh


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