whispered living


We sometimes like to fantasize that life is not precarious and dodgy. We like to think it’s not filled with risk and that as humans our hearts and bodies are not vulnerable. But deep down, we know life is shifty. Life is like this. Up and down, repeatedly.  The point of meditation is not to go off and enter a fuzzy zone of bliss. The point is that the habit of seeing our thoughts as less solid and threatening can rub off and start to become a part of how we see and work with the world in the heat of the moment, away from our meditation room in the arena of life. So the next time we feel we are about to leap out of our skin- when the hows and whens and what-ifs start to build- we may notice a cool breeze touching our skin, and a shaft of sunlight splashing in front of us. Maybe we catch the sound of a bus passing nearby, or come back to the awareness of the people all around us. We’re a little scared; and that’s ok. Our anxiety lets us know we’re alive. And yet we’re not fighting for survival. We have survived. We are surviving. The next moment awaits.    ~Barry Boyce

it’s never happened quite like this before…..the noticing that we have forgotten…..

inquiry for today~   there is a moment when we notice ourselves in time, in our day…..how can you remember yourself?

helping myself

In meditation, you might get a little of that empty feeling you feel when nothing particular is happening, a kind of blandness or blahness. Usually you’ve got tons of stimulation- internet, tv, phone, the whole package- and here you have a little gap. So, what do I do with that gap? Right, I should pick up my phone, check messages, email, make a phone call, push the button, click the switch, click refresh. Or maybe I could let that gap be here and place attention on something stable, on life. And connect, really connect, not like connecting to the network, but connecting to the network of life. The more stable, the more unified, the field of attention becomes, the stronger the mind becomes. We can actually be with more and more intense levels of experience, without being thrown. It doesn’t mean you’re never thrown. It’s a general direction, a trend. The greater the stability, the more it takes to unbalance the mind.   ~Will Kabat-Zinn

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