Immeasurable kindness is not so much concerned with how we feel but how we relate to all feelings, people, events, and experiences. Kindness is only meaningful if it is embodied, the ground of our speech, acts, and choices. It is returning again and again to the commitment and intention to abide in kindness and to befriend all moments of experience. It is learning to sustain that intention and to allow it to be the guide through the tangles and complex world of emotion, relationship, and action.  ~Christina Feldman

being peace….and who are you anyway? can you begin again?

inquiry for today~   how can you go deeper? what does it mean to get out of your own way?

stillness and ease

Some of us will have profound insights into the nature of reality. We may experience our conditioned self fall away and being one with the universe. But at the end of the day, we are back where we started. Nothing has happened. We have the same body. We have the same karma. We have the same depression and anxiety, and the same cultural conditioning of race, gender, and class. These never go away, and this is good and important, because this the material we have to work with. this, as Ram Dass wrote, is “grist for the mill.” So we come back to the breath, to stillness, to joyful ease, ad awareness. Nothing happens,and we are very happy about it.   ~Gesshin Greenwood

2 thoughts on “illuminate

  1. So true that we may experience being one with the universe, but end up back where we started with our limited view, prejudices, fears, and desires. But at least we know where we are called to go and even though we lose sight of it, we fall back and regroup and start again after set backs. A good reminder for Good Friday. thanks.

    • maybe we ride this humbling wave to help us learn how to be most authentic…..indeed, a good reminder of how to honor and come back again and again….

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