claim your own mystery


PARABOLA: Why in this process are humans able, or called upon, to serve more than any other creature or plant? It’s frequently pointed out that animals have senses far more acute than ours, so what’s special about what a human being can bring?
PETER KINGSLEY: Everything in existence is crying out for a particular quality of consciousness that only humans can give. This doesn’t mean we are superior to nature, only that there’s an incredible need for a certain cooperation. The famous mystic Rudolph Steiner has said that for the agricultural process to happen, for seeds and plants and trees to grow, birdsong is absolutely essential. This is a beautiful truth that very few people know. But we also need to take what he said one stage further, because birds call and sing not only to quicken the plants: they also call to awaken the human seed that we are. They are actually singing for our sake as well. If we can start to listen to them, really listen, they will draw us into this greater consciousness I have been talking about. They will be our teachers, because outer nature is able to point us to our inner nature.

P: Rilke wrote about the silence at the crossroads of the senses. Amid all the gifts we are given we are asked to give back attention. And attention at every moment, not just from time to time. So there is a constant call to give our attention to the world?
PK: Yes, everything is calling to us. These senses that we believe we know and use are in fact divine powers. Through them we can serve the cosmos, but if we don’t they work against us. This is something the Greeks understood very well: divine gifts can be a blessing but also a curse. There is no safe ground, no neutrality. We are called to a certain responsibility. As human beings we’ve been given something divine, meaning something intensely mysterious and real, and we can’t hand it back.   ~interview with Peter Kingsley

we cannot water down our gifts, our insights, our humanness….it’s about the whole…..

inquiry for today~  where do you settle into the simple ways of emotion? can you expand into mystery?

we found our way

Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror. No feeling is final.  ~Rilke

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