live in beauty


The questions “Who are you, what are you, where did you come from?” are among the great questions. The question “Who am I?” is asked in youth, asked in midlife, asked in anguish during sleepless nights, asked in wonder at moments when the heart breaks open to the truth. Our answers are imaginative and ecological, connecting us with the details of animal and plant life, extending us into the galaxies and through time. In their expansiveness they suggest how we can flow into many kinds of life. the question “Who am I?” invites us to reach into and out of ourselves, to discover the secret source of our beauty, to belong to the life stream. It loosens the masks we wear every day and unbinds the conviction with which we limit ourselves. It suggests we are much more than we know. In each other’s faces we glimpse the face of the Beloved. In our own mirrors we see one of the many, many faces of the world. We are part of the beauty we seek.    ~J. Ruth Gendler

the heart of beauty is a mystery in mirrors and and the ways we take refuge…….aesthetics is the way we perceive beauty… do we know?

inquiry for today~  fine tune your very best day by responding to the beauty that you feel- the intimacy of your soul revealing your aliveness and transparent spaces….

illusion and awakening

So I understood that the experience of beauty is not a given. It is precarious, subjective, and fragile. Precarious because there is nothing sure and predictable in this experience. It may or may not happen, like spiritual enlightenment or the state of grace. Fragile because nothing is more easily destroyed than an aesthetic experience. The experience of beauty is impalpable and imponderable, and thus hard to pinpoint. We never know when beauty will appear. We can learn where to find it in life’s secret hiding places, in the least likely moments, and in apparently incompatible situations. Beauty, then, brings us back to the here and now. To follow the way of beauty means to live in a state of mindfulness that dies no admit distraction or escape. We are hear with our whole being. This our kairos, as it was called in ancient Greece: the moment of opportunity, the timeless instant when revelation comes.    ~Piero Ferrucci

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