what is grounded?


True maturation on the spiritual path requires that we discover the depth of our wounds: our grief from the past, unfulfilled longing, the sorrow that we have stored up during the course of our lives. As Achan Chah put it, “If you haven’t cried deeply a number of times, your meditation hasn’t really begun.” This healing is necessary if we are to embody spiritual life lovingly and wisely. Unhealed pain and rage, unhealed traumas from childhood abuse or abandonment, become powerful unconscious forces in our lives. Until we are able to bring awareness and understanding to our old wounds, we will find ourselves repeating their patterns of unfulfilled desire, anger, and confusion over and over again. While many kinds of healing can come through spiritual life in the form of grace, charismatic revivals, prayer, or ritual, two of the most significant kinds develop naturally through a systematic spiritual practice. Another kind of healing takes place when we begin to bring the power of awareness and loving attention to each area of our life with the systematic practice of mindfulness. The Buddha spoke of cultivating awareness in four fundamental aspects of life that he called the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. These areas of mindfulness are: awareness of the body and senses, awareness of the heart and feelings, awareness of the mind and thoughts, and awareness of the principles that govern life.    ~Jack Kornfield

we don’t really know the power of mindfulness…..how can that be?

inquiry for today~ can you notice the moments when you check out? can you let it be?

doors to the sacred

Just open your hands and say, “I don’t know.” 

Say it softly and wait, so your other can see 

that you mean it. Give them a chance to 

drop what they think is secret. Let them

come up with a cup of what matters from 

the spring they show no one. Let them sigh 

and admit that they don’t know either. Then 

you can begin with nothing in the way. Go 

on. Admit to the throb you carry in your 

heart. And let the journey begin.

 ~Mark Nepo


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