when we see our reflection


As swimmers dare

to lie face to the sky

and water bears them,

as hawks rest upon the air

and air sustains them,

so would I learn to attain

freefall, and float

int Creator Spirit’s deep embrace,

knowing no effort earns

that all-surrounding grace.

~Denise Levertov

when we are nurtured in the deep, in the way of our inner guide, then we are able to sense our own cleansing….

inquiry for today~   witness yourself as a practitioner….not so much about doing it right, but doing it with deliberate intention……

becoming is the way

The knowing that there’s ‘more,’ the yearning for increasing illumination, is in all of us. It flickers, seemingly dimmer at times, but it always has and always lead us. We move inexorably, even if slowly, with grace’s yearning in our heart. Once imprinted, we move like sunflowers toward the sun. It is this tropism that we trace in our own story of awakening.   ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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