numb too


There is a quality to the witnessing of our suffering that is different from suppression or repression. This witnessing is an essential part of meditation, an attentive and compassionate awareness. Sometimes witnessing is all we have to do. At other times after witnessing, a strong response is necessary. Either way, our suffering must be borne consciously. In the words of Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize winner who has spent a lifetime exploring the suffering cause by the Nazis, “Suffering confers neither privileges nor rights; it all depends on how one uses it. If you use it to increase the anguish of others, you are degrading, even betraying it. And yet the day will come when we shall understand that suffering can elevate human beings. God help us to bear our suffering well.”  ~Jack Kornfield

we get caught up in all the minutiae of our lives……we avoid, fuss, and control….we narrow our lives….

inquiry for today~   reflect on your freedom- how you use it, how you honor it, how you forget you have it…..

know the difference

How amazing. All living beings have the Buddha nature of awakening and freedom, yet they do not realize this. Unknowingly they wander on the oceans of suffering for lifetimes. It is time to realize your own Buddha nature.  ~Prajnaparamita


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