will & surrender

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spring’s copper potlatch, cascade of sunlight
showering crimson light on the pavement
and cloud swiftly crossing each brief mirror
underfoot where light-trapped rain has puddled,
this white cherry with her charcoal branches,
blossom brimming-over yet not falling.
a Jacob’s ladder poised between the wet
earth and steely sky, seems to contain all
the wisdom of time and timelessness, holds
this wisdom still in her white canopy
not giving nor withholding, nor speaking
nor silent, she towers above me, I
wide awake, alive with inner sight, feel
how we are blessed, to share this world with trees.

~Jeni Couzyn

when we center ourselves on a spring day, how an we resist cynicism and reflect into hope?

inquiry for today~   what would it mean to you to spread silence throughout your life?

a breezy spring day

We listen deeply by listening to the Source through immersion, absorption, and presence. How might you practice listening deeply? We can always begin by allowing ourselves to sink into the depth of whatever moment we are in. For depth is ever-present. We don’t have to travel to find depth. We simply have to relax our minds into the ground of where we are, the way roots unravel in the earht after a long, soaking rain.   ~Mark Nepo

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