the lens of distortion

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But tired of land, we open ourselves to oceans,
tired of time we give back all that we’ve taken,
tired of ourselves we open ourselves to ourselves
at last, sensing the waves and great abyss of the sea
beyond, the ocean stretching on sand and the long view
on the still sea that leads to another life.

And we go out as the fish go out, leaving the taste
of the rivers we know, joining the dark invisible weight
of what we would become, the calm sense of movement
seeing the others forming our shoals, and the scales
on our sides filling the depth with trembling stars.

In that depth, return’s instinctual, the moon harvests
the long years and binds them in sheaves in a circle,
and we return too, for home from the sea we come to the river,
turning the ocean’s face toward land, opening to silence
as the salmon opens to the sweet water in a saltless stream.

~David Whyte

there is a sense of freefalling that can be quite unpleasant when we dive into deep self-reflection….

inquiry for today~   what divides you from an inevitable and more meaningful sky today?

Ultimately, we’re going to have to open our heart to the whole world, to everything that’s happening in it, and to everything that has every happened. We’re going to have to open our heart to everything that could possibly happen. Why? Because we’re not separate from anything or anyone. Anything you consider separate from you can scare and can intimidate you. But when you have the willingness to open your heart, to be intimate even with the things you don’t like, with the people and events that frighten you, with the state of the world that may intimidate you, then you’ll find a way in which the core of you has an avenue through which to express itself. You can express and manifest the very depth of yourself in the outside world, so that there’s no longer a division between inside and outside and there’s no longer a boundary for our love.


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