listening to the vague call


Sometimes, when we ask to hear the call, but have trouble listening, the volume gets turned up, and suddenly Beauty is everywhere.   ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

is there a fire in the belly……an unanswered passion or prayer in your life?

inquiry for today~  can you ease up on the unanswered questions today?

your sweet reflection

“Help me,” he pleaded, “I’m burning up,

and perfume is all I can smell.”

“Calm yourself,” she answered,

“you can’t outrun lightning.”

“But now I’m blind from these flames, haunted

by the catalogue of my own imperfections,” he confessed.

“Often when the thirsty ones taste this wine,”

she replied, “it becomes a net for secrets.”

“But the wildfire has swept up the mountainside

and burned my house to cinders,” he wailed.

“Your gasps are merely whispers

turned inside out,” she answered.

“I’m dust tormented with thirst, don’t leave me

stranded between hope and oblivion,” he begged.

“You’re light awakening,” she said;

“you’re the rain that makes ashes dance.”

~William Wolak

2 thoughts on “listening to the vague call

  1. The lesson for the rain that makes ashes dance is one the indigenous people learned eons ago… fire will race up the mountain side, use caution when building a homestead…

    • we relearn again and again…..and then forget……fire and water and earth and sky…..I’m thankful to learn my lessons over and over……

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