no shortcuts


The inner witness is able to notice whatever feeling is arising and can also be curious about it. What is this about for me? Why am I experiencing this now? What does the inner landscape of this emotion look like? Our meditation becomes a lens through which we can begin to observe the patterns of our thoughts in daily life. The resistance that emerges in prayer is the same that comes up in our response to relationships. Cultivating inner awareness helps us grow in freedom as we begin to see ourselves more clearly.   ~Christine Valters Paintner

there is a gift so rare, we miss it when it comes our way……

inquiry for today~  how can you witness the freedom in your life that feels tender, vulnerable, and freely given? do you feel the freedom of choice true in this moment?

how fragile?

Anger is like a closed flower in the morning. as the bright sun shines on the flower, the flower will bloom because the sunlight penetrates deep into the flower. Mindfulness is like that. If you keep breathing and sponsoring your anger, mindfulness particles will infiltrate the anger. When sunshine penetrates a flower, the flower cannot resist. It is bound to open itself and reveal its heart to the sun. If you keep breathing on your anger, shining your compassion and understanding on it, your anger will soon crack and you will be able to look into its depths and see its roots.   ~Thich Naht Hanh

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