testing will

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Still, preparing for grace can be a demanding process. Meditation’s time-tested techniques will guide and support you through the inevitable deconstructions, dislocations, and re-configurations. The wide world is tolling. With meditation you come to hear it all the time, and then you realize that the bell is ringing inside your own chest. And it is ringing inside the chest of everyone and everything you encounter, from earthworms to stars. It is calling you home, home to yourself, home to your fellow beings, home to the vastness, and that’s what meditation is for.

~ Joan Sutherland

realizing our purpose tests our emotional stability, our faith…….raw hope……

inquiry for today~   forget will power……sink into letting be……

learn to trust

We cannot capture God. No amount of pious record keeping- a rosary a day, Sunday church attendance, so much tithing, or yoga, or meditation, or minyans- can guarantee us depth and authenticity in the spiritual life. Only this merging of two wills- God’s and mine- cements the human-divine relationship.  Once we learn to let God be God, once we accept the fact that the will of God is greater, broader, deeper, more loving than our own, we are content to learn from others. We begin to see everyone around us a lesson in living.

~Joan Chittister


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