form, emptiness, & resonance


Emptiness is that place where we don’t feel barriers. It’s joy and brokenheartedness all at the same time, and that’s just right.   ~Ari Goldfield

how do we live into our opportunities?……how do you receive your gifts?

inquiry for today~   a deeper meditation is a great choice now and again…..

capable of living

The kind of comfort most of us seek is a kind of stopgap comfort. We haven’t really addressed the root of suffering or developed the true cause of happiness. Once we realize that, and reflect and meditate on it, we can begin to see the true nature of suffering and the cessation of suffering. From there, one can make the decision to seek true peace, nirvana, which means freeing ourselves and others once and for all from suffering and its causes. Why haven’t we been able to achieve that yet? Because we don’t yet realize how easily this human life can be lost. Instead, we keep ourselves busy chasing after happiness and running away from suffering, life after life. As spiritual practitioners, we need to balance our priorities. This means being able to balance the needs of this particular life with our long-term spiritual goals.

~Gelek Rimpoche

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