how can it be so?


And the kind of apathy and closed-down denial, our difficulty in looking at what we’re doing to our world, stems not from callous indifference or ignorance so much as it stems from fear of pain. That became actually perhaps the most pivotal point in, I don’t know, the landscape of my life- that dance with despair, to see how we are called to not run from the discomfort and not run from the grief or the feelings of outrage or even fear. If we can be fearless, and be with our pain, it turns. It doesn’t stay static. It only doesn’t change if we refuse to look at it. When we look at it, when we take it in our hands, when we can just be with it and keep breathing, then it turns. It turns to reveal its other face. And the other face of our pain for the world is our love for the world, our absolutely inseparable connectedness with all life.

~Joanna Macy

this discomfort must mean something… many times has this been the living conclusion?

inquiry for today~   what is unintentional and uninhibited in your longings today?

to admire an opening

Once upon a time I took in mystery as a sensation best left unexamined. Now I experience it as a welcome. I’m strangely comforted when I hear from scientists that human beings are the most complex creatures we know of in the universe, still by far. Black holes are in their way explicable; the simplest living being is not. I lean a bit more confidently into the experience that life is so endlessly perplexing. I love that word. Spiritual life is a way of dwelling with perplexity- taking it seriously, searching for its purpose as well as its perils, its beauty as well as its ravages. In this sense, spiritual life is a reasonable, reality-based pursuit. It can have mystical entry points and destinations, to be sure. But it is in the end about befriending reality, the common human condition. It attends to beauty and pleasure; it attends to grief and pain and the enigma of our capacity to resist the very things we long for and need.

~Krista Tippett

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