nothing left but love


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The deeper world is always there, knowable and reachable. It is we who by turns miss it and stumble into it. When life aligns and we get to see through, we have to lean in and accept what we see, so we can be touched by the mysterious. When these moments align, we enter the deeper world. When we don’t dismiss them, we bathe in the richness of existence, which opens our eyes to history and our heart to the indestructible feel of life. Being patient enough to align and pursue our efforts of awareness, we can enter the shimmer of life that waits inside ordinary time. This is a baptism of meaning that only authentic and patient presence can open.

~Mark Nepo

and when the fires rush in, and the detail of the finest hour is burned away, what then?

inquiry for today~   why do you keep on in the midst of confusion? how can you let it rise to the top? to give it respect and space and the sadness it deserves? how does it help you live more wisely?

drowning again

The hard truth is, terrible things happen in life that we can’t control, and somehow we do bear them. We bear witness to them. When we do so with the fullness of our bodies, minds and hearts, often a loving action emerges. Humans are amazing. I find our courage astounding. People everywhere experience unbelievable hardships- wars, unanticipated catastrophes, financial upheaval- and yet they go on, they turn toward, they recover, they live. And sometimes they act with enormous compassion toward others who have suffered similarly or who may yet in times to come.

~Frank Ostaseski


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