and now, release


One strategy for gaining liberation is to focus our attention directly upon this inherent, continuous experience of dissatisfaction and pain. We must sense it clearly, and find in its midst a freedom that releases us from any identification or grasping. By the careful observation of the source of each action, a constant movement to alleviate suffering is revealed. Yet those who face this truth do not find it a formula for despair, but a gateway to compassion. For within the heart is found a freedom and love even greater than the suffering. By facing the pain of the world they awaken a fearless and merciful heart, the universal birthright of humanity.

When we honor the gate of suffering, what arises is the wondrous power of compassion. This compassion is described as the fluttering of the heart in the face of the pain of any other being. It is a tenderness for all forms of life, all that is born and dies, all creatures who live by one another’s births and deaths. Sometimes it is compassion for ourselves. The need for such compassion is there in every journey, Buddhist or Hindu, Jewish or Christian. The question of human suffering is central to the journey of grace and redemption.

~Jack Kornfield

how you discover yourself is how you know the world…..essence seeping in with every day’s round of errands, uncertainties, dirty dishes, and deep rest…..

inquiry for today~  who are you when you give up and simply enjoy the mystery of things…..

nothing wasted

In my own life, I’m coming to see that the less there is between who I am and what I experience- between in here and out there- the less I need to process, filter, or cipher from my head to my heart. When feeling thorough and present, my heart bats in direct rhythm with the pulse of the Universe. When no longer separate from those around us, we experience a complete moment of compassion. And those moments of complete compassion remove all our excuses, leaving the heart with a sensitivity that never leaves us.

~Mark Nepo

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