ride the imagination fantastic


If human consciousness can be rejoined not only with the human body but with the body of earth, what seems incipient in the reunion is the recovery of meaning within existence that will infuse every kind of meeting between self and the universe, even in the most daily acts, with an Eros, a palpable love, that is also sacred.    ~Susan Griffin

noticing shifts day to day may be our most challenging task…..patterns, chaos, and discovery…..

inquiry for today~   there are many opportunities to bridge gaps…………count how many moments of gap-building you transcend in a day…..

surreal boundaries

The  primary function of the imagination is to bridge between multiple dimensions of ourselves and, more fundamentally to bridge the gap between dualities, including the perceived gap between inner and outer landscapes. By bridging between ourselves and the things of the world, imagination, as if gluing the world together for us, creates meaning. We merge the sight of an old oak with our images of what the world must have been like at the moment of its sprouting. In our imaginations, we discover a facet of time, the way it unfolds backward across the history of a land. At the edges of our visual field and at the edges of our consciousness, the world is almost but not quite known. The edge is where our known experience becomes flavored with an unknown wildness, the free radical. In alignment with wildness, imagination becomes both much less predictable and forward-stepping into the realm of possibility.    ~Laura Sewall

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