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Despite all the blessings of an awakened life, and all the support we can give each other, we can stumble and lose ourselves in a second. I can leave home tomorrow and trip into an old insecurity and flounder for days. And you can become lost, no matter how many times you’ve found your way. Accepting how quickly our course can change opens each of us to the practice of return.

Being human is to always be in return: to sacredness, to wakefulness, to the fact that we’re on the same journey, alone and together. We’re safe, then afraid. We’re calm, then agitated. We’re clear, then confused. We’re enthusiastic, then numb. We long for the moments of lift, and run from the moments that weigh us down. But the inescapable rhythm of life lifts us and weighs us down by turns, just as the ocean swells and dips with each wave. When we lose our way, each of us is challenged to discern and embody a very personal practice of return—to what matters and to what has heart.

I’m trying to uncoil. I’m trying not to over-prepare for tense situations, encounters, or conflicts. When my fear occupies itself in the endless rehearsal of what to say or not, of how to respond or not, it prevents me from showing up with who I am. I’m learning to trust that I can meet these situations simply with my being, my self, my soul. I may not be articulate. It might be awkward. But I’m learning to trust that if I’m integral, the encounter will be authentic.

~Mark Nepo

there was never a moment when the world didn’t move or shift or change or grow……

inquiry for today~   realize your fragile wings as an opportunity to spark movement, delicate nuanced understanding, and deep, inner truth…….

never never yet

Hope opens the door to possibility and allows us to envision change, particularly change that we desire. But hope alone will not affect change- that requires movement.

~Andrew Mellen

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