fledgling master of simplicity


and other comforting things…….

a quilt on the couch

cookies in a pretty tin

flower boxes full of violets

scented soaps tucked in a drwer

antique plates as wall decorations

sun hats

pieces of sea glass displayed in a bowl

a fresh coat of yellow paint in the kitchen

old family pictures

a cobalt blue vase

vintage silver spoons in a jar


lip pomade

apples in a wire basket

a framed valentine

coffee in a french press

a small desk by a window

a white cashmere scarf

red geraniums on the porch

clean windows

blue-and-white china

embroidered tea towels

red gingham placemats

a framed recipe

flowers in a marmalade jar

a picnic basket

hummingbird feeders


a bowl of lemons and limes

using the good dishes

a tin of tea

buttons in a jar

jadeite mixing bowls

a red sweater

letters tied with a ribbon

a lacy hanky

an old recipe box

a brown betty teapot

mismatched creamer and sugar bowl

homemade apple butter

~Kathleen Schrum

you are the whispered sweetness behind the well-lit window of a beautiful day……you are the whole heartedness behind the face of despair….

inquiry for today~   find your simple pleasures and dote on them……

evolve with hope

Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood. We are a rhythm machine; that’s what we are.    ~Mickey Hart

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