how we are meant to be


Extraordinary people display calling most evidently. Perhaps that’s why they fascinate. Perhaps, too, they are extraordinary because their calling comes through so clearly and they are so loyal to it. They serve as exemplars of calling and its strength, and also of keeping faith with its signals. They seem to have no other choice. Extraordinary people bear the witness because they show what ordinary mortals simply can’t. We see to have less motivation and more distraction. Yet our destiny is driven by the same universal engine. Extraordinary people are not a different category; the workings  of this engine in them are simply more transparent. Our interest therefore is less in these people and their personalities than it is in the extraordinary factor of fate itself- how it arrives and shows itself, what it demands, and its side effects.    ~James Hillman

there was a life that we all dreamed of…..and then we lived our real life……

inquiry for today~   where are your blind spots? where do you forget to live your real life? what is imagined and left behind?

for all we forget

The clouds preceded us

There was a muddy center before we breathed.

There was a myth before the myth began,

Venerable and articulate and complete.

~Wallace Stevens

2 thoughts on “how we are meant to be

  1. Love your ” there was a life we dreamed of…then we lived our real life.” And i think my blind spots are where I’m called to do the ordinary repetitive chores of life because they are love made flesh….but I see them as boring, accomplishing nothing, instead of seeing them as the nitty gritty of my dreams of being love.

    • This is one of my biggest touchy spots. Needing to surrender to the “every day” so that I may really be present to life as it is, not how I want it to be. Be gentle with you, Eileen:)

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