committed to grace

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Humans are amazing. I find our courage astounding. People everywhere experience unbelievable hardships- and yet they go on, they turn toward, they recover, they live.   ~Frank Ostaseski

stuck in untruths and then the oceans collide with folly…..

inquiry for today~   when there is no way out, can you stay?

are you sure?

I came to understand that my moral compass lay deeply hidden under many layers of personal deception: shame, desire, jealousy, resentment, all of the many elements of what Muslims call the nafs, the ego, or the base self. There was no way through to untangle all of this through thinking; the workings of my mind were too wrapped up in egoic habits. Instead, with my teacher, I experienced the alchemy of practice, and of service. I began to do a different kind of service that left no room for ego. I discovered a capacity for receptivity, and in receptivity I found a bit of discernment. Hafiz wrote, “I understand the wounds that have not healed in you. They exist because God and love have yet to become real enough to allow you to forgive the Dream.” When I take care of my own healing, train my own nafs, steward my own island, I begin to understand and support the nature of the sea that surrounds me and connects me to others. I know where I stand.   ~Sofia Ali- Khan

2 thoughts on “committed to grace

    • We hear a lot of discussion from the Buddhist perspective on our ego, but coming from the Sufis, it seems fresh and really draws me into the understanding of “interconnectedness.”

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