forever more


Ask yourself: “What’s happening in this moment for me? What thoughts, emotions and body sensations am I experiencing right now? Don’t start analyzing in a big way- just feel in your body what’s going on, and be present. See if you can acknowledge and accept any difficult feelings just as they are, even if they’re unwanted. We can train ourselves in opening to whatever is here, even if it is painful. The pain or tension may not go away, but we are no longer losing a lot of energy on fighting with it. ~Tessa Watt

how to tune in when we can’t get away from ourselves?

inquiry for today~   there are so many words for that ability to step back and listen…..what are your words?

find mercy

I will hear the words hope and mercy today, and I will talk about them with my Sunday School kids. I will talk to them about what living in our hearts means, and how we get there, through taking merciful actions, and horribly, receiving merciful actions from people who love us, or strangers. I will take them outside and have them look up and around and into each other’s, for them and beauty and medicine of nature. I will tell them some silly stories, because like grief, laughter is the way home.  ~Anne Lamott

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