another doubt laid bare


Our present culture teaches us to accumulate, but not how to make empty. But for real spiritual work in the inner and outer worlds, in order to give space to the divine, in order to return to the sacred, we need to practice a certain purification in our daily lives. We learn to eat consciously, to be attentive to our outer environment, to sweep our courtyard. We also need to learn how to clean our house, both physically and inwardly. Just as we need to learn to empty our mind in meditation, to clear away the clutter of unnecessary thoughts, so do we need to consciously clean our living space.   ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

how can we go on? we return again to see how we have lost sight of our path…..

inquiry for today~   who will you hold along the way? how will you clean your space for living?

nothing I could say


Everywhere, what is inner

is bursting to become outer:

the yellow of daffodils inches up

their stems, while the wings of

unborn eagles stir inside their

eggs, and the feelings of children

begin to sprout language, as the

water in the ocean swells and

spits and sprays and tries to

leave itself- this is the source

of waves, the source of their

beauty- that they can’t.

It’s how we love.

~Mark Nepo


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