in communion


Meditation is a tool for snipping the cords on these various threads of uncertainty and unearthing our raw and tender heart underneath. That vulnerable heart is incredibly powerful and strong. It is resilient. It possesses fathomless love. If we can drop our story lines around what a jerk we are, that powerful heart is ready to shine forth and cultivate a life that is full of good people we love and are loved by. Try out meditation practice and see for yourself whether it unearths your ability to love more deeply.   ~Lodro Rinzler

when we feel left behind, we can come into a safer space….

inquiry for today~   the gift on inner listening is about stability and leaning toward the wisdom of our own sense of deep self…….how do you listen in?

find me please

Essential silence is warm and embracing. It is inclusive and connected. When we are centered in that mind of warm and embracing essential silence, we respond appropriately. We share, we encourage, we touch each other and connect. Practicing essential silence is a profound act of generosity, a profound act of a boundless heart. Essential silence cultivates the inner quiet that is the crucible of transformation.    ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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