life in flight


The path of the soul is from the individual to the universal, and beyond and to Itself, essential suchness, formless Being, Happiness is a superstition, but joy is your birthright. We think that by working in our everyday, busy mind and polishing the personality and letting its best aspects express themselves, we can make ourselves perfect. But even enlightenment does not perfect the personality- only the point of view. We are enlightened out of the personality, the individual and separate, into the soul, the universal inseparable.   ~Stephen Levine

when you question your essence, you begin to live your truth, to confront authenticity and to bridge your life……

inquiry for today~   how will you receive grace today?

a quiet hour

We all experience soul moments in life- when we see a magnificent sunrise, hear the call of a loon, see the wrinkles on our mother’s hands, or smell the sweetness of a baby. During these moments, our body, as well as our brain, resonates as we experience the glory of being a human being.   ~Marion Woodman

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