the strand of emergence


While it is easy to be intimidated by the largeness of life, seduced by lethargy, diverted by popular culture, and assimilated into collective fantasies that have little to do with our soul’s agenda, we still have to face ourselves in the end. The various ways we have to numb out, to flee into our work to avoid our real job, to get exercised over trivial issues, to rationalize our choices are virtually infinite. Life has a way of bringing these moments of choice back to us in ever-new venues. We only move through the middle passage, only truly begin to grow up, when we begin to confront these questions more consciously, these questions that have already come to confront us. And worse, we will not have remembered why we’ve come to this brief, fragile, precious life.    ~James Hollis

we’re all probably running from something……the real question is not what or why or how, but can that be ok?

inquiry for today~   listen to the many shades of green and feel the sounds of the birds…..taste the clouds and hold the ocean……then you will not regret……

how our true nature follows us

Once you see it, you know it was there all the time, so why is it all such a big deal? And why do we keep forgetting?   ~Dale Pendell

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