how you know the ground beneath you

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Instead of trying to deny feelings, taking refuge in the body means that we begin to make friends with our body. We listen to our body and treat it the way we would treat someone we care about. To begin thinking of our body as the place where we feel good helps to shift our goal from wanting to jump higher and run faster to feeling better and living a more engaged, vibrant life. We can learn to trust the refuge of our own body as a place of intimacy, and this allows us to be alive right now, available for whatever is needed in the moment.   ~Cyndi Lee

who counsels? who knows? what does it mean to be embodied?

inquiry for today~  just for a moment, check in to how you feel……not mothering, but allowing………accounting for all the tiny nuances of sensation and stuckness……

re-ground and wait

When our awareness is focused on our I-ness, we forget our universal nature and risk remaining stuck in our separateness. While the ego tends to resist knowing the authentic self for fear of getting lost in the process of a non-separate awareness, all it really wants is recognition for an important joy well done. Our ego, I-ness and uniqueness do not have to step aside in order for our authenticity to be revealed. In fact, paradoxically, through our recognition of oneness, ego and uniqueness become richer and stronger. The self that is felt at the core of the body beneath all the layers of personal information becomes counsel and guide for the helpful ego.   ~Elissa Cobb

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