you are enough

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Real love for ourselves by definition includes every aspect of our lives- the good, the bad, the difficult, the challenging past, the uncertain future, as well as all the shameful, upsetting experiences and encounters we’d just as soon forget. But, like it or not, the emotional residue of our experiences is part of who we are. If we resist any aspect of it, we feel like impostors, unreal and split off from ourselves. And when we open our hearts to the breadth of our experiences, we learn to tune into our needs, unique perceptions, thoughts, and feelings in the present moment, without being trapped by judgments based on the expectations of others. That is how we eventually sense our own worthiness. This kind of integration arises from intimacy with our emotions and our bodies, as well as with our thoughts. It arises from holding all that we know and want and fear and feel in a space of awareness and self-compassion.   ~Sharon Salzberg

your life is an experiment in honoring your messy regrets and hard feelings……

inquiry for today~   can you let go of doing it well and instead focus on what you most care about?

what is loving acceptance?

I’m here to tell you, as any true light-worker will, the path of enlightenment is anything but easy. It is a long, dark and winding road, where you have no one by your side but yourself to guide you through the dark. You must go through the dark, and heal all your wounds, before you can manifest and attract the positives in your life.

So why isn’t this truth being told? Because, no one will pay for something that is going to make them go through pain and not have immediate results. It is our human instinct to avoid pain, not run to it. Yet, going through the pain and learning the lessons is the only way to truly grow and live authentically.

It takes great pain to make great change. No one changes the negative about themselves or the world unless it truly affects them painfully. If you are wanting to have a balanced life, happiness, and the ability to attract what you needs, you must learn your lessons first. Enlightenment doesn’t come gift-wrapped with rainbow ribbon in a shiny box. It is found in the depths of your despair.

Instead of buying that shiny box wrapped with rainbow ribbon, promising you quick happiness and positivity, start digging. You will uncover the voice of your soul, your authentic self, and here, you will find your peace, purpose, and happiness.

~Dezaray Blankenship

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