how to surrender to living


If we are waiting only for our fear to end, we will not discover the pure and loving presence that unfolds as we surrender into the darkest of nights. Only by letting go into the stream of life and loss do we come into this freedom. Our capacity to meet the ongoing losses in life with Radical Acceptance grows with practice. Our willingness to face our fear frees us from trance and bestows on us the blessings of awareness. We let go of deeper and subtler layers of resistance until there is nothing left to resist at all, there is only awake and open awareness.   ~Tara Brach

instead of discovering life, we must sometimes let go of “having” one……..

inquiry for today~    how do you make room for that uncomfortable emptiness?  what have you discovered?

you, too, can be lost awhile

Our efforts to make things “come out right” and to have our lives “be meaningful” according to our private notions and demands doesn’t quite do it. Even when we our outwardly successful in ways that our society rewards something still seems to be missing. We are at an impasse. This is good to know and essential to feel. Here we can discover that more pushing and striving go nowhere. We start to slow down with no solution for that persistent, nagging inner sense that can be kept at bay but does not go away. We are beginning to come to silence and it is often uncomfortable at the start. Slowly we discover that we are trying to have what we do verify who we are. It always fails. The effort is exhausting and finally empty. Who we are is given to us. We do not ever earn it. It is a free and holy gift. The paradox is that we must stop, feel, and grow silent in order to receive the gift of ourselves even while we still hang on to the belief that things are all up to us, that we are in charge. Over time as the inner pressure builds we can inexplicably discover that restlessness has become something approaching willingness. It is bringing us to the threshold of change. It is asking us to take a first step.    ~Gunilla Norris


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