eclipse & illumination


Why such a frenzy, in these harried times, for a two-minute event?

On one level, it’s simply a great show. As the moon passes in front of the sun, the planets and stars will emerge, the solar corona will flicker overhead, temperatures will plummet, animals will freak, people may scream. For an instant, the whole mad clockwork of the universe will reveal itself. As the astronomer Jay Pasachoff once put it, an eclipse is “the perfect alignment, in solemn darkness, of the celestial bodies that mean most to us.”Top of FormBottom of Form

Maybe something more worldly is at work, too. As you’ve no doubt noticed, these are dark days in national life — days of rage and resentment. The worst are full of passionate intensity. A communal act, unburdened by politics, has a forceful appeal amid the turmoil. As Annie Dillard wrote of an eclipse in 1979: “It looked as though we had all gathered on hilltops to pray for the world on its last day.”

An eclipse is just an eclipse, of course. It won’t solve America’s deepening dysfunctions. But perhaps, in drawing so many together, it can offer a reminder of common bonds long forgotten. As millions of Americans look up, if only momentarily, from their phones, maybe they can also look beyond the pettiness of so much of their politics. Among a crowd of strangers gazing at the unnerving splendor above, they might find a brief moment of grace.

~Bloomberg View

what does your world look like when it’s turned upside down? how do you meet it?

inquiry for today~  what does this eclipse hold for you? is it hype or healing or mayhem?

sun and moon

A solar eclipse is the type of eclipse we will be experiencing on Aug. 21. Solar eclipses in astrology always occur at the same time as a new moon. The sun is the planet that represents our focus, our most personal desires, goals, and our external self. It is the planet of our personality, our self-expression, the tangible ways we interact in the world. It’s the planet that governs our extroversion, the personal significance of our goals and desires, and who we are at our most outgoing.

The new moon is a time for putting our goals into tangible practice. It’s a time to take the necessary steps toward what we want to create for ourselves. When we take a trip, first we must draw up a map to get there. The new moon is when we pack up our shit, get in the car, and start driving.

Therefore, the solar eclipse provokes changes that are more external, when events outside of us might get in the way of what we want and the path we must take to get it. It forces us to find a different route to our goals. Generally, the changes that a solar eclipse ushers in are positive.

Ultimately, a solar eclipse is meant for us to demand more of ourselves, and the events around it will prove to be a test of our strength and resolve to achieve our dreams. Be sure to embrace the changes with open arms and an open mind.

~Rosebud Baker


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