where you really are


It is actually difficult to edit life. Especially in regard to feelings. Not being open to anger or sadness usually means being unable to be open to love and joy. the emotions seem to operate with an all-or-nothing switch. I never cease to be impressed by the capacity of some ill people to live life more fully than most, to find more meaning and more depth, more awe in the ordinary. Perhaps it is because they have allowed the events of their lives to take them to some extraordinary highs and lows. Meeting people there is a choice.     ~Rachel Naomi Remen

remembering how we rise to our deepest challenges can spark our most unforeseen and courageous insight……

inquiry for today~    can you accept the messy and abrupt and aggravating moments of your day in a new way?

why you are……

Self-compassion is a powerful form of emotional intelligence. As defined in Daniel Goleman’s influential book of the same name, emotional intelligence involves the ability to monitor your own emotions and to skillfully use this information to guide your thinking and action- in other words, being aware of your feelings without being hijacked by them, so that you can make wise choices. Self-compassion gives us the calm courage needed to face our unwanted emotions head-on. Given that all experiences eventually come to an end, if we can allow ourselves to remain present with our pain, it can go through its natural bell-curve cycle- arising, peaking, and fading away. The only way out is through. We need to bravely turn toward our suffering, comforting ourselves in the process, so that time can work its healing magic.     ~Kristin Neff

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