just help, with or without understanding


Make your heart a zone of peace.     ~Jack Kornfield

who are we to sit back and try to understand the despair unfolding in Houston?

inquiry for today~  and we must try to understand…..how will you help those suffering beyond understanding today?

hold on

A difficult paradox in the life of feeling is that when we are most sensitive, the heart is at its strongest. In such moments, our experience of deep love and suffering can feel intolerable. But this means the heart is working. Feeling such sensitivity is evidence of what a finely tuned instrument the heart is. Our challenged is to learn from both the sensitivity and the strength. What’s unbreakable waits behind what’s unbearable, the way the quenching waters of life wait behind all the dams we build. And all my attempts to love have taught me that resilience waits in the very center for all that’s broken to be swept away in order to reveal what can’t be broken. Inevitably, crossing into life for love is what saves us.      ~Mark Nepo

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