grit in the quiet spaces


To be fully with Silence requires that we develop a capacity to be present to both the most subtle qualities of objective touch imaginable and to the manner in which this touch  resonates the soul interiorly. That is, to be fully present to this experience, we have to be inside ourselves and outside ourselves at the same time. It is also possible in practice to alternate between emphasizing the interior quality by putting our attention at the level of the interior of the body and then emphasizing the exterior quality by putting our attention at the level of the outer form of our body. Alternating attention like this while we are in Silence can help us come to experience the fullness of this phenomenon. The varied qualities of Silence have been enumerated so that we may gradually come to experience the complex nature of Silence and in experiencing its complexity begin to feel something quite extraordinary. We begin to have moments in which we experience ourselves as Time Beings, not beings in time.    ~Robert Sardello

how aware are we of spiritually excusing ourselves when the quiet becomes too deep?….

inquiry for today~   can you sit just a little longer? can you breathe into the depths of your own witness?

to find the plateau

Now it is time to sit quiet

alone with You

and to Sing

a re-dedication of my life

in this Silent

and overflowing joy.

~Rabindranath Tagore


3 thoughts on “grit in the quiet spaces

    • And I am woefully behind in responding! I wonder if I can use the excuse of being a Time Being? Regardless, I love the idea that we can shift and slip into a wider consciousness…..thank you g.f.s…..

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