it’s here. your real life.


Take some time to settle your mind. Be deliberate. Be grateful for the nobility of the practice you’re engaging in. And, when your mind is somewhat still, your breathing perhaps somewhat free and easy, your sense of being relaxed, allow yourself to ask some questions. What are the primary goals of my egoic sense of self? How do I keep trying to confirm its “real’ and “true” existence? The questions do not have to do with achievement, accomplishment, or accumulation. They have to do with the most fundamental motivation of the egoic self-sense. Just to recognize that, just to begin to discern that truth as we go throughout our day, is a blessing of enormous benefit.  ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

there was never really any time in your life that you actually missed… just skirted its depth and left the edges alone….

inquiry for today~   be mesmerized by your own life process……deepen your relationship to your own movement through your days…..

how to be real

Living in the present means recognizing that we have no power over the past or the future, none at all. The past has already occurred and is behind us. Whatever happened we have no power to change it. Any regrets we had, and any joys, are forever frozen in time. Focusing on the past, especially on regret, has the power only to rob the present moment of its happiness. Meditation is great practice for training our minds to be present. Over time, you will find more and more that your mind is fully present in the moment you are in. In that moment you have power, in that moment you can take action.    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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